Fiery Icicle by Ju Dimello

Review by Maria

Fiery Icicle is the debut novel from author Ju Dimello.  This is a work of erotica and I am least qualified to review it. I love romance fiction although I'm more of a sweet romance girl myself. I don't necessarily shy away from blatantly sexual content.   It really depends on the author.  I was given a review copy of Fiery Icicle  so review it I did.  These are my thoughts.

The story is about the love life of an elemental witch named Madeline.  Madeline gets her psychic recharges courtesy of the sun.  She is the lover of a man of fae (faery) origin named Zach.  In a classic western mythological plot line (I'm thinking Lancelot and Guinevere here, or maybe Tristan and Iseult), Zach has to go away on a special mission.and leaves her under the watchful eye of Nathan, a close friend of his.  This is because Madeline is vulnerable to demon attacks.  Nathan is quite a bold fellow which is  not surprising, considering his demonic origins.  He's blatantly attracted to Maddie and she, poor girl, can't keep her hands off him either.  Decisions, decisions!  What's a girl to do?  I suppose there's an obvious (to some!) answer spelt m.e.n.a.g.e.

As this is erotica, you can be sure that there is plenty of sexual activity.  I'm quite surprised to learn that paranormal beings, whom I would have considered to be quite ethereal and ecstatic, seem to like nothing better than to make out like rabbits.  I thought it was only us mere mortals who like to get all earthy.  One of the reasons I don't 'do' erotica as in reading it is because to the best of my knowledge, there's only one sex act, albeit variations the same and repetition does not hold my interest.  Moreover, I love story and scenarios which  move the plot  forward which can't happen fast enough when  characters keep stopping the action to have sex all the time.  There's only so many ways one can describe the ins and outs etc.

For me, the decision to like a book or not is about the writing first and secondly the story.  Ju Dimello is a wonderful writer with surreal powers of description.  Reading her work makes you feel like you're floating on a cloud in a fantasia like atmosphere.  If she ever decides to switch over to contemporary or historical romance, I'll surely check her out.

And I'm certain that readers of erotica will love this.

Review by Desere

I agree with Maria , I myself am also more of sweet romance girl but in Fiery Icicle I did learn some new facts when it comes to a work of paranormal /erotica. I liked the characters and the plot was really good. The were a few words here and there that did concern me as I am no big fan of "god" being used in any book so that was a little bit of a turn off but overall yes a really well written story.

Madeline is a character unlike I have encountered before she gets put into a rather very tempting and daring situation, I mean which girl can resit the good looking Nathan ,who I must say the author described so well that I myself could picture the temptation in my minds eye ,well done Ju Dimello!

The author truly out did herself with descriptions I mean really there was nothing left for me to try and go OK so she says it looks like this but which is this and what would that be,no the author made me feel like I was actually inside the book viewing all these really very descriptive and I mean really,really descriptive sex scenes.

Now if like myself you are more of a sweet romance kind of girl than paranormal or erotica this book is not for you. If however you can take the time to really sit down and get interested in the world of paranormal and erotica with keeping in mind that romance can be found and described in more than one matter and that yes out there somewhere in this world we live in people do get down and erotically dirty ,than this is the book to start with.

The author will whisk you away to a whole new world that you never imagined existed. I recommend the book for any lover of erotica or paranormal erotica.