Enticing the Dragon by Jane Godman

Reviewed by Nas Dean

ENTICING THE DRAGON by author Jane Godman is a July 2018 release by Harlequin Nocturne series.

Hollie Brennan, FBI agent, was investigating a seemingly random serial arsonist but then she found a link to musician Torque. What she doesn’t know was that Torque was a dragon shifter who breathed fire. But was he responsible for these series of arson?

Sticking close to him and hoping for a break, Hollie finds the chemistry between them was off the charts and then they give in to their passions. What would happen now? How would a dragon shifter and a mortal match? Would they ever be able to have their happy ever-after?

ENTICING THE DRAGON is a thrilling read. I was hooked from the first page till the last page ended at 2am! Author Jane Godman brought out the emotions in this story that would touch readers hearts. And she did a wonderful job of bringing Torque and Hollie together despite all the odds. This story would enthrall a reader.

Highly recommended for all readers of paranormal romance.


Awakening the Shifter by Jane Godman

Awakening the Shifter

Jane Godman
Awakening the Shifter by Jane Godman

Reviewed by Helen

I love a good shapeshifter story and this one ticked all of the boxes for very good, this story has everything that a great romance should have a very sexy gorgeous hero Khan who is a tiger shifter and yes opposites attract a very strong gorgeous Sarange who is a wolf shifter, Khan is a rock star and Sarange a singer and when they first meet in a fundraising concert for animal protection the sparks fly and the attraction is instant Khan senses the wolf shifter in Sarange but she has no idea that she is a wolf.

Khan is a member of the rock band Beast, all members are shape shifters and he has no memory of his past before the bands manager Ged had rescued him from a cage, he has a reputation for being arrogant and different but when he meets Sarange this spark between them opens up feelings and emotions in him from his past and the feeling that she is in danger draws him closer he is not walking away from her he needs to get to know her much better.

Sarange has been bought up for the most part in America by close family, her heritage is Mongolian and she has always felt that there is more from her past that she does not know about, Sarange is passionate about animals and does all she can to save endangered animals and for some reason she is being drawn towards the blue wolves of Mongolia. She has heard all about Khan and never imagines the heat that hits her when they first meet, she is pulled towards him in such a sensual way, and there is such a link she also needs to get to know him.

They are pulled together when danger lurks and Khan’s protective instincts kick in, the journey for Sarange to finding her footing as a wolf and learning about her past and the link that draws them further together is just amazingly beautiful, this is a beautiful emotional story so moving. Khan wow what a hero, learning about his past finally and together slaying the bad guys, there is action aplenty and a gorgeous sensual romance this one left me smiling and I do hope we get some more stories from the band members, thank you MS Godman I loved it and highly recommend this one.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Published March 1st 2018 by Harlequin Nocturne
Reviewed by Nas Dean

AWAKENING THE SHIFTER by author Jane Godman is a March 2018 release by Harlequin Nocturne series.

When Rock Star Khan meets singer Sarange Tsedev for the first time, he straight away that she is his mate. And they were fated to be mates for life.

Yet, they were of different species. Khan was a shifter tiger and Sarange was a shifter werewolf. How could they be mates? But as they were destined to be mates, they also had enemies were after them to keep them apart since centuries.

AWAKENING THE SHIFTER is an engrossing story of two shifters. Author Jane Godman interwove the romance in this tale and brought shimmering emotions and sensuality to the pages.

Highly recommended for all readers.

Lusting the Enemy

Lusting the Enemy

Nightmix #1

Mel Teshco

Lusting the Enemy by Mel Teshco

Reviewed by Helen

I haven’t read a paranormal story for a long time and when I read the blurb of this book on MS Teshco’s newsletter I really thought I should read it, then a friend read it and reviewed it and that was it I bought it and have read it and I loved it, wow what a great story.

Akeshia is a shifter from the silver panther tribe and a princess and she is determined to do what she can to save her race from extinction. She makes her way to the humans and offers herself as a mistress to the King, but what happens when he chooses her is awesome, sensual and so very moving. Akeshia never thinks that she will feel the emotions she does as she falls for King Judas.

Judas is a strong and caring leader and there is a lot more to him than most people see and on first sighting of Akeshia he knows that she is the one that he needs and wants he feels her so strongly, and he has already set in motion some things that will make Akeshia smile and very happy that is if he can convince her of his feelings.

Of course a romance of deep love never runs smoothly and with some people that would want to harm Akeshia and take away the thrown from Judas, they have a fight on their hands. I loved Judas what a gorgeous hero he is and Akeshia perfect for him in every way. This story had me turning the pages as they become one in a world that still has a few problems to overcome (more books) but together they will grow and I do look forward to more in this series. Thank you MS Teshco for a truly fabulous story that will stay with me for a long time to come.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Published December 19th 2012 by Ellora's Cave

KING IN CHAINS (Into the Dark Woods Book Two) by Grey Francis

Reviewed by Nas Dean

KING IN CHAINS (Into the Dark Woods Book Two) by author Grey Francis is a September 2017 release.

We go back into the journey taken by Alaistair, Cassandra and Killian in Bound to a Vampire.

These three lovers find it difficult to forget the past or forgive. And they also have to fight evil forces. What will happen when all seems lost? Because their adversary is very powerful with the intention to destroy all they hold dear.

KING IN CHAINS is a sensual paranormal tale of these three lovers. The story moves from the past and to the present fluidly. Author Grey Francis writes her own brand of sizzling as well as dramatic and thrilling scenes. This book is a sexy and entertaining read.

Recommended to all lovers of Paranormal/Vampire stories. 


The Phoenix Agency: Artic Burn

The Phoenix Agency: Arctic Burn

Kindle Worlds Novella 62 Degrees North

Book 1

Amy Ruttan

The Phoenix Agency by Amy Ruttan

Reviewed by Helen

This is the first kindle world novella I have read and it was really good different to what I normally read but a quick and thoroughly enjoyable read, this one will pull you in and have your turning the pages.

Lexie Nevue Likes to keep to herself and hide away she is gifted with a couple of abilities that her mother has drilled into her since childhood that are bad and that she is evil, but when she meets gorgeous air force hero Bryant she falls for him but one of her abilities causes series problems and she takes of hiding, she has a hard time controlling her emotions and her abilities. But Lexie is in danger and she calls to Bryant unknowingly.

Bryant Quill has never forgotten the woman he loves one night with her had left him in hospital and Lexie gone when he got out, and with a new job five years on he is still searching for her. He finds her in Canada and in danger, and that spark is stronger than ever and he will do what he can to help her gain control and save her life.

This is a fast paced and quick read with strong characters that go about saving each other and the world together, the amazement shown by Lexie when she discovers that she control her powers and be with the man she loves will leave you sighing. This one is highly recommend to readers that love a bit of action and suspense and a gorgeous hero in their romances, thank you MS Ruttan 

5/5 stars for a great story

Published October 29th 2017 by Kindle Worlds

The Hauntings of Livingstone Hall

The Hauntings of Livingstone Hall

Ebony McKenna, Louise Reynolds, Alison Stuart, Denise Ogilvie, Eliza Renton, Carol Challis, Sarah J Wolfe

The Hauntings of Livingstone Hall by Ebony McKenna

Reviewed by Helen

This is a fun quick read with some fabulous ghosts to get to know seven stories in this anthology and I enjoyed every one of them there are smiles along the way as we get to know the ghosts that live together in the ancient house supposedly built on an old Roman ruin it has towers and parapets a dungeon and an attic were the ghost love to hang out. It is now a country hotel and spa and attracts a lot of curious visitors.

Each story flows onto the next one and they are well written with different characters and ghosts starring in each one, over the years there have been paranormal investigations trying to find proof but these ghosts are very clever. Of course there are people who can see them feel them and hear them but there is never any evidence that Livingstone Hall is haunted, why not see for yourself and read this one I do highly recommend these stories.

All of the authors are members of a writing group from Melbourne and can I say well done Ladies I thoroughly enjoyed this one and I do hope to see another one I am quite fond of some of these ghosts.

4/5 stars for a great story

Published October 13th 2017 by OportetPublishing      

Dead Men Seal The Deal

Dead men Seal The Deal

Jacqui Jacoby

Dead Men Seal the Deal by Jacqui Jacoby

Reviewed by Helen

I am loving this series these vampires are the best gorgeous friendly caring and this is Jason Sullivan's story he works out at the gym keeps fit works hard at his computer business and makes lots of money. He is single and not really looking for love sure there have been a few woman in his long life but nothing permanent that is until he helps someone from the gym change a tyre and this changes his life eternally.

Taylor Grant was just about to marry when she called it off because the groom was having an affair with her best friend a good southern girl with a very mixed up family Taylor has moved cities got herself a job she works hard and is determined to not have sex with anyone and to not have a relationship with anyone that is until a knight in shinning armour won't take no for an answer.

This is a moving story emotional and suspenseful as Taylor and Jason get closer and truths come out about Jason and his family but danger arrives from Jason's past and all bets are off in the love department Taylor needs to be strong and know the full truth of what they are and when family members are hurt badly you will shed some tears a fabulous story that I highly recommend so well written the characters come to life on the pages my suggestion sit back and enjoy this journey with all of its ups and downs that will keep you turning the pages and smiling when that HEA arrives beautifully.

5/5 stars for a great story