Realm of Flame and Shadow #1

Christina Phillips

Redemption by Christina Phillips

Reviewed by Helen

I really enjoyed this story, but let me say I am not a big reader of paranormal, but this one hit the spot with a beautiful romance, a fallen archangel who had no time for humans, but found himself saving a beautiful, strong and inquisitive human, Aurora, and did they have a very sensual and dangerous journey to a HEA for eternity.

Aurora has always known that her mother was from a different dimension and that they could communicate with telepathy, her mother is not well and Aurora is doing her best to get back to her mother’s world and try and find some answers but what she does is open up a world of demons and archangels and the very dangerous guardians who are determined to get to Aurora. When she is saved by Gabe an archangel the spark between them is so strong, it is not something she can ignore.

Archangel Gabe has been travelling the universe for many, many years now since he lost his beloved a lot has happened and he becomes a mercenary, has an island that is protected and really does not like humans but when he is suddenly thrown on top of Aurora his need to protect her from the guardians is a must but the need to have her in bed is huge, he has never felt this way since he lost his beloved, she will work her way under his skin there is such a connection.

This story is fast paced, with a lot going on, a search for the truth, such a hot steamy sensual romance and the fight Gabe has to keep Aurora safe as he is drawn closer to her, I loved Aurora what a strong feisty heroine she never gives up and Gabe alpha hero who does a lot to keep his caring and merciful side closed to everyone. There are a lot of revelations that help to bring Gabe and Aurora together in a way that will keep you turning the pages. There is a fabulous cast of characters that add so much to the story and I look forward to reading their stories, thank you MS Phillips.

5 stars

Expected publication: November 28th 2019 by Phoenix 18 Publishing



The Light Mage Wars #5

Nancy Northcott

Nemesis by Nancy Northcott

Reviewed by Helen

This is another great installment in this series , well written, fabulous characters and great world building, this time we get to see Tasha and Carter work through some very dangerous situations to get to their HEA, not only to they have to fight of some Ghouls they also have to overcome Tasha’s insecurities, along the way.

Tasha, grew up in a trailer park and was pretty wild growing up, this meant that she joined the navy and continued to work in construction, until another mistake made her leave, but not before she had felt a pull towards her commanding officer Carter another Mage. Tasha has gotten on with life and is now running her own construction company, when Carter arrives back in her life.

Carter is back at the collegium as a deputy reeve and when Tasha is in danger he is assigned to protect her, this brings them closer together and the feelings that he has had for her since their navy days grows stronger by the day and even though they form a relationship, he feels that Tasha is still holding something back, will he be able to get her to understand his feelings and be able to move into the future together.

This is a fast paced story, sensual and exciting as Mages fight Ghouls and a traitor is still being elusive and it was fabulous being back in this world and catching up with friends from previous books. Tasha and Carter are meant to be together their love is so strong, but Tasha is rather stubborn and it takes Carter and some friends to finally convince Tasha that love will conquer all and that the past should be left in the past and that now is for the future. Thanks you MS Northcott for another great story one that I highly recommend.

4 stars

Published November 14th 2018 by Rickety Bookshelf Press

Wishing Well

Wishing Well

A short paranormal suspense story

Doctor Grok's Peculiar Shop Story #3

Phillipa Nefri Clark

Wishing Well by Phillipa Nefri Clark

Reviewed by Helen

This is the third story in the Doctor Grok series and another quick read that is sure to leave you smiling, when Doctor Grok shows up in his little Antique store he is sure to bring happiness.

Three females Grandmother,Clara, her daughter Mary and granddaughter Tessie, live in a very small apartment struggling to surive, when Clara takes a trip out to shop for an outfit for Tessie she comes home with a wishing well this well gives each of them a wish, what will they wish for?

If you have a few minutes that you need to fill pick this one up and be left feeling very happy.

5/5 stars

Published March 4th 2019

Table for Two by Phillipa Nefri Clark

Reviewed by Nas Dean

Table for Two by author Phillipa Nefri Clark is a January 2019 release.

Its another fast-paced thrilling tale from this author with paranormal elements in the story. I liked it. Read it. Its short. A fast read. You can read this fun story on the go!


Table for Two

A Doctor Grok's Peculiar Shop Story

Phillipa Nefri Clark

Reviewed by Helen

Have you got ten minites that you need to fill?

Looking for something quick to read?

Something that is uplifting and will make you smile?

Then this is what I recommend you pick up, a story that brings Doctor Grok to meet Walter and make things right, a very enjoyable story 

5/5 stars

Published January 2nd 2019

Captivating the Bear by Jane Godman

Captivating the Bear
Captivating The Bear by Jane Godman
Beast #3

Jane Godman

Reviewed by Helen

WOW what a story this one is, action packed, fast paced and just a beautiful sensual story of finding your mate and your true love but there are a lot of hurdles to cross for an exiled bear shifter King and a bear shifter who is looking for help from the true King to free her father, hang onto your hat when reading this one, I loved it.

Lidiya Rihanoff needs to leave the secret realm of Callistoya to find the exiled king Ged Taverner to get him back to where he belongs and help free her father who is being held captive until Lidi agrees to marry the usurper King. What she doesn’t expect to find his her mate the one that she should spend the rest of her immortal days with, with so much going on she agrees to a short fling, but the need to be with Ged does not go away.

Ged has been managing the rock band Beast for thirteen years and helping shape shifters who are in danger since he was ejected from his homeland, the search for his missing brother keeps him going as well but when he meets a shifter in Cannes he knows that she is his mate, but can they ever be together and will he get back to Callistoya and re-claim the throne?

This is the third instalment in this series and it packs a punch, I loved it from start to finish MS Godman has penned a fabulous story that brings this world to life, truly don’t miss this one it has everything a reader of paranormal romance could want a sigh worthy hero and a heroine to match him beautifully. I loved Ged and Lidi, it is a moving and amazing story one that I highly recommend, thank you MS Godman.

5 stars for a fabulous  story

Published July 12th 2018 by Mills & Boon Supernatural


Reviewed by Nas Dean

CAPTIVATING THE BEAR by author Jane Godman is August 2018 release by Harlequin Nocturne series.

Ged Tavisha is the band manager for ‘Beasts’ the famous rock band in which all the members are shifters. Ged was responsible for bringing them together. But we didn’t know anything about Ged himself other than that he’s a bear shifter.

In this story we find out that Ged was an overthrown king and now he needed to go to his kingdom to help his people and overthrow the usurper. His mate, Lidi came looking for him.

CAPTIVATING THE BEAR is a thrilling story as we travel with Ged and Lidi through all the hurdles for them to reach their land. I liked reading about the other band members getting together to help Ged fight the bad guys. Author Jane Godman weaves magic in her stories.

Highly recommended for all readers of paranormal romance.

COLONY (A Doctor Grok’s Peculiar Shop Story) by Phillipa Nefri Clark

Reviewed by Nas Dean

COLONY (A Doctor Grok’s Peculiar Shop Story) by author Phillipa Nefri Clark is August 2018 release.

This is a short and engrossing story with paranormal elements.

As a reader you will be surprised by the unique twist in the storyline and plot.

Author Phillipa Nefri Clark wove a magical tale which would keep her readers spell bound!

Recommended for all readers.


Enticing the Dragon by Jane Godman

Reviewed by Nas Dean

ENTICING THE DRAGON by author Jane Godman is a July 2018 release by Harlequin Nocturne series.

Hollie Brennan, FBI agent, was investigating a seemingly random serial arsonist but then she found a link to musician Torque. What she doesn’t know was that Torque was a dragon shifter who breathed fire. But was he responsible for these series of arson?

Sticking close to him and hoping for a break, Hollie finds the chemistry between them was off the charts and then they give in to their passions. What would happen now? How would a dragon shifter and a mortal match? Would they ever be able to have their happy ever-after?

ENTICING THE DRAGON is a thrilling read. I was hooked from the first page till the last page ended at 2am! Author Jane Godman brought out the emotions in this story that would touch readers hearts. And she did a wonderful job of bringing Torque and Hollie together despite all the odds. This story would enthrall a reader.

Highly recommended for all readers of paranormal romance.


Enticing the Dragon

Jane Godman

Enticing the Dragon by Jane Godman

Reviewed by Helen

This is an action packed, sensual, moving and fabulous story, a story that could have started many, many years ago when two dragon clans The Cumhachdach and The Moiteli were wiped out all bar one member from each clan, fast forward to now and the instant Torque, musician with the band Beast sees FBI agent Hollie Brennan the chemistry starts and the journey begins for these two beautiful people.

Hollie is working hard to try and stop an arsonist known as “the Incinerator” when she works out a pattern to his actions and goes undercover to try and find him, but in doing so she almost gets herself killed but is saved by Torque the man she is there to investigate, the man that she has always had a crush on, felt a bond with, this man walked through flames to save her, what is his secret she needs to know, but the spark between them is so very strong.

Torque is a part of the famous band they all have a secret that they keep well, but when he meets Hollie for the first time in the bar he knows that she is his mate, but how can that be he is a dragon shifter and she is human, it cannot be possible. When he saves her life from the flames they form a link, a bond that only grows as danger lurks and secrets are told.

I am loving this series, getting to know Torque and Hollie and what they need to face to be together always kept me turning the pages, the chemistry between them is so beautiful and hot like the flames he breathes, Torque’s story is heart-breaking and fascinating, someone else’s jealousy bought them together but they were meant to be, to be one with the love that is all consuming and so very beautiful. I loved catching up with the other band members and I am looking forward to their stories, MS Godman wow what a story, it is fantastic and one that I highly recommend.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Published July 3rd 2018 by Harlequin Nocturne (first published June 14th 2018)