Eighth Note by Kimberly Stedronsky

Eighth Note by Kimberly Stedronsky

Reviewed by Shirley Buchanan

Although it has been some time since a novel has made me want to look in dark corners, be wary about pulling back a shower curtain or second guess a visit to a remote cabin in the woods, this new novel by Kimberly Stedronsky was that kind of read. Beginning the book fairly late at night, I couldn't put it down until I read the spectacular ending. A spinoff from the popular Roam series written by the same author, characters from the series were introduced and explained enough that you never felt lost or confused.

Smart, beautiful and feisty, Eva Reed has just about everything that she wants: the love of her life, her husband, Will, a beautiful young child, Perry, and a rewarding passion, her blog, Fire Ballad, but she is restless and bored. For someone who has saved not one, but two worlds, this everyday ordinary life leaves a lot to be desired. Cole Mathison, a friend from the past, suddenly appears presenting her with a problem that he thinks she is the perfect person to solve...a murder, a supernatural murder. With her love of music, magic and immortality, Cole believes she will be able to delve through the evidence and find the murderer. After all, everyone else dies after hearing the evidence, but being immortal, she can't die, but would only feel the pain. Believing she can withstand the trials and tribulations that will come, she accompanies Cole to a remote cabin in the Catskills to find the killer. Only things aren't what they seem. Solving this murder will test her love, her sanity and her resolve. Will she place everything on the line or is the price too hard to pay?

Can Will's love save her when she is pulled too far to the dark side?

Or will the supernatural murderer claim her as his prize?

A wonderful and excellent book of paranormal, mystery and intrigue with intense scenes enacted by well written characters. Enthralled from the first to last page, this book was a real page turner. I don't think there was an emotion that I didn't engage. The vivid descriptions, spicy dialogue and emotional content made you feel as if you were present and part of the action. Another fabulous read. Well done Kimberly! I can't wait for your next book.

I received an ARC from the author for an honest review.

Recommended to paranormal and romance readers.

5/5 stars Can true love defy the odds and save her?