Bitter Spirits A Roaring Twenties Novel by Jenn Bennett

Bitter Spirits (Roaring Twenties, #1)

Reviewed by Desere

I have always been a fan of good old fashioned ghost reads, yet they are so very hard to find. I was super intrigued by the cover and blurb of this book but of course not getting my hopes up, as I said good old fashioned ghost stories are hard to find.

I could not have been more delighted with this read, it had spine chilling ghosts, tremendously scary moments and gave me that very sought after " What was that?" feeling creeping down my spine and making me want to pop the book into the freezer!

And the bonus, it involved a very passionate romance between two exceptional main characters. The backdrop settings of the 1920's were a real treat and so exquisitely described by the author it left me in no doubt of the author's talents. 

I could vividly picture the dresses, the stunning little nick knacks of the time period, and it was not done to the overdone extent. Nope the author did not go all out to the point where it bored me and wanting to shout " Come on enough with setting the scene, I need the dialogue already!" Excellent work Jenn!

Both main characters were strong in their own right, but what most intrigued me about them both was that they were so different from each other yet so much alike, I loved how the author let them discover their likeness through their passion for each other. It showed that no two people are alike on the surface, but when you dig down deep there is so much of the same factor it becomes down right scary.

The dialogue was at times a little too crass for me, as I usually find in most paranormal related reads that the spirits and characters don't really go for the all out swearing match and more of the I'm scared out of my shorts manner, but with the intensity of the read and it all coming together so stunningly it can easily be overlooked. 

I will be looking forward to more reads from this author in the future.

I recommend this read for any fan looking for a brilliant and very spine chilling read laced with so much passion the spirits won't be the only thing going up in flames!

4.5 Star Review 
" The taste of bitter spirits leads to the sweet taste of passion"