KING IN CHAINS (Into the Dark Woods Book Two) by Grey Francis

Reviewed by Nas Dean

KING IN CHAINS (Into the Dark Woods Book Two) by author Grey Francis is a September 2017 release.

We go back into the journey taken by Alaistair, Cassandra and Killian in Bound to a Vampire.

These three lovers find it difficult to forget the past or forgive. And they also have to fight evil forces. What will happen when all seems lost? Because their adversary is very powerful with the intention to destroy all they hold dear.

KING IN CHAINS is a sensual paranormal tale of these three lovers. The story moves from the past and to the present fluidly. Author Grey Francis writes her own brand of sizzling as well as dramatic and thrilling scenes. This book is a sexy and entertaining read.

Recommended to all lovers of Paranormal/Vampire stories.