Once upon a December Nightmare by Cherie Reich

 :Cover for 'Once Upon a December Nightmare'

Reviewed by Desere :

I am no major fan of scary books or nightmares for that matter but I do love a good mystery and just from the back blurb I can honestly say I was intrigued enough to want to find out what happens ,and in the end very pleasantly surprised.

The book centres around four friends who take a unexpected detour one night and stumble upon way more than they bargained for.

The book in itself was brilliant ! Well written and fast paced with enough scary moments to make you double check what is behind you.

I totally loved the plot and the characterization was fabulous. The author focused on fear and used that to her advantage by scaring the living daylights out of me as reader more than once.

Definite nail biting suspense and horror of the good kind, as I have found that some horror related books do not fully convey the message it needs to and at a far seems scary enough but when reading you discover that there is something lacking to make your flesh really crawl.

Not the case in Once upon a December nightmare. In addition to being a brilliant horror read the author also very stunningly outlined and un-layered her characters to the point where I actually felt like I knew each and very one of them.

Brilliantly done Cherie,keep them coming !

5/5 star review