Angel All Year by Sally Clements

Angel All Year
Angel All Year

Reviewed by Desere

A paranormal with a delicious and fun new spin on romance in the afterlife! The book was a quick read but a  nice one.

The character of Angela dies on her wedding day and finds herself now an angel, wishing she was back on earth and in the arms of her husband. Instead she needs to watch from above as her husband first falls to pieces without her and then even worse she sees him falling in love with a new woman.

Enter Lucen the mentor assigned to guide her through the adjustments of the afterlife,instead he falls for her so fast he practically looses his wings!

And yes you guessed it she falls for him too.But then the change of a lifetime or should I say of the afterlife-time presents itself and Angela has a tough decision to make.

This was a short 43 page read, very well written and full of emotion. And also with the underlining message that the saddest of heartbreaks can be overcome even in the afterlife where you find your very own angel to love.

5/5 star review

Reviewed by Nas

Angel All Year

ANGEL ALL YEAR by Sally Clements is a November 2012 release.

Angela is heartbroken in the afterlife when she sees her husband so shattered about her death and then she watches as he falls in love again.

Then she meets Lucen, her mentor. What would happen when they fall in love now?

Then she has to make some choices. Who would she choose now?

ANGEL ALL YEAR was an emotional, but well written story. I love author Sally Clements writing style and this was no exception! It was an amazing, heart-warming story!

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Reviewed by Maria

A lovely, almost seasonal novella from Sally Clements, considering it was released near Christmas.  This is more in the paranormal/fantasy type category of romance.  It almost reads like the contemporary romance that is Sally Clements' forte.

It's about moving on and letting go - albeit in a different context.  Angela can't let go of her earthly life and of the husband from whom she was abruptly separated by a tragic accident on her wedding day.  Yes, being dead sucks.  He doesn't feel her arms around him or her kisses.  He doesn't even know that she sleeps wrapped around him every night.  But the trauma starts when he starts moving on and dating other women.  Will Angela accept the situation and move on?  Or will she haunt him and blight his earthly life forever, denying herself what joy the afterlife actually offers?  Her angelic mentor Lucen understands her feelings and patiently waits for her to become aware.

I can't deny that the Irish touches worked a treat for me - Irish exile that I am, especially as I get homesick during the Christmas season.  But that's no reason why a non-Irish reader would feel left out reading this - the story's universal after all.

In some ways, it's like any story of letting go and moving on.  In other ways it's delightfully different.  So read and enjoy.  A word of warning! You'll never see angels in quite the same way again!

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