Summer of the Moon Flower by Annie Seaton

Reviewed by Maria

Oh, dear!  Where do I put my review for a steampunk novel?  Paranormal?  Historical?  Fantasy?  I'd put my review for WINTER OF THE PASSION FLOWER into Historical Romance Reviews.  But there are elements of paranormality and fantasy in steampunk.  So my review for SUMMER OF THE MOON FLOWER goes into Paranormal Reviews.  We really should set up a Steampunk Review Blog here on Romance Book Haven.

SUMMER OF THE MOON FLOWER by Annie Seaton is a worthy successor to WINTER OF THE PASSION FLOWER.  This time we meet Sofia de Vargas, the younger sister of the more famous Indigo, the country matron and mother of four boisterous sons whom we last saw, pre-settling down,  time travelling in the Amazon jungle.  And no, she wasn't looking for free books (bad joke), she was searching for the elusive passion flower which held potent properties within - properties worth killing for.  Well, Sofia is on no less a noble quest, she is overseeing research into the elusive moon flower, which has life giving and life enhancing properties.  However, an underground secret society which everyone would have thought of as extinct by the  turn of the twentieth century (the date in which this steampunk is set) is on a quest to oppose Sofia's research and they will stop at nothing, even at murder, in order to achieve their dastardly aims.  Sofia's beauty and feisty nature stops her would be assassin in his tracks and supplies the romance which fuels this delightful story.  The ladylike Sofia and her enormous Scottish laird make an unlikely yet formidable couple.

I'd define steampunk as Victorian sci-fi actually.  It's got that innovative buzz of a time when technology was pushing out it's frontiers.  Perambulators, dirigibles and automatons throng the pages of this story, giving the Victorian steam age a buzz of excitements.  Wonderful.  An engrossing read, as wonderfully quirky as its predecessor, which is due for re-release soon if I'm not mistaken.  The Vargas ladies are worthy heroines who will hold your attention to till the final page.  One would almost be tempted to ask 'who needs heroes when heroines like this exist?'  But of course we need the heroes, don't we girls?  What would we do without them after all?

You can pick up a copy of this little gem of a read here.  Or if you are in the UK, here

4/5 stars.

Reviewed by Desere :

If you love action books filled with danger, suspense, mystery and twists and turns to keep you on the edge of your seats,but also like myself love when a bit of paranormal gets mixed it then this is the book for you.

Annie Seaton is one of the best author of our time and she delivers every time. Be it a good old fashioned romance or a steam-punk or call it paranormal action suspense, you name it this author can give me as reader everything I expect from her books.

In Summer of the moon flower she has certainly done so again. The book had enough action and suspense to make a James Bond movie look like a low budget action gone wrong. Not to mention the paranormal and steam-punk elements, that were so stunningly combined and incorporated brining forth a tale of a heroine that will stay with me as reader for a long time.

The author has a particular unique manner of writing that leaves me as reader with vivid descriptions, amazing "time zones" and memorable characters. The book left me with the impression that woman heroic or not can and will prove their worth if given the chance.I will add that the author not only brings that message into full play but also just blows you away!

The book kept me on the edge of my seat, seeking more to find the answers and hidden message beneath. This was not only a emotional and memorable read but one that will leave you entranced and wanting more.

Brilliant work Annie!

5/5 star review