The Broken Destiny by Carlyle Labuschagne

The Broken Destiny (Broken, #1)

Reviewed by Desere

I have never been the kind of reader that goes out of the way to read paranormal reads. The back blurb has to seriously sound intriguing and like something I definitely want to find out the ending to, and as it happens it is only once in a while that I actually manage to find one that interests me to the point of any kind of interference will send me into a fit for the interruption, as was the case with this read, I wanted to stick a label on my head with the words " Go away I am reading!" .

The read had many and I do mean many, many fascinating characters all trapped in a world of fantasy and striving to find a way out, all written by the author with such vivid detail and such emotion it had me hanging onto the edge of my seat, crying, begging for more and wishing I could climb inside and get just a little closer to it all.

A story of searching to find where you truly belong for you simply do not feel as if you really fit anywhere and then discovering you are one of the most important links in saving the world as you know it.

Yes, I do realise I am not giving you much of what the story is really about but this is completely intentional as this book was so many magical elements tied with absolutely brilliant writing that me spoiling it would be a complete and utter tragedy to the readers of our world.

You simply need to go and read it for yourself. Looking at the blurb and not liking the sound of it? Let me set you on the correct path by telling you that you will be missing out on one of the most thrilling, exciting, brilliant reads of this year.

Secrets, destinations of justice, soul searching, self discovery, learning to trust, emotional heart-ship and even a little romance, the book had it all and all set in a world so magically empowering that you will be left breathless, mind blown and absolutely spellbound.

The characters each had their own set of secrets and problems to deal with, and there being so many characters to take in during this read added to the excitement and thrill of the unknown, I simply could not stop from digging to find out as much as I can, the author entertained and kept my attention all the way and delivered a punch on every single page!

The read also contained a very powerful message of our lives has a way of changing when we least expect it, but finding yourself on a path to a greater destination is sometimes the reason that will allow us to get to the point of looking deep within yourselves to see who we are truly meant to be.

I highly recommend this read for all fans of sci-fi reads, and if you have never tried the genre before this is the book that will change your mind and send you off to the shops in search of more. In my opinion this read will definitely be hitting the best sellers list in no time at all, and I place this author right up there with the big names such as Rae Rivers and Natalie Singh. Absolutely fabulous work!

Bring on book 2 Carlyle!

5/5 star review

"Being broken does not mean you cannot save the world"