Awakening the Shifter by Jane Godman

Awakening the Shifter

Jane Godman
Awakening the Shifter by Jane Godman

Reviewed by Helen

I love a good shapeshifter story and this one ticked all of the boxes for very good, this story has everything that a great romance should have a very sexy gorgeous hero Khan who is a tiger shifter and yes opposites attract a very strong gorgeous Sarange who is a wolf shifter, Khan is a rock star and Sarange a singer and when they first meet in a fundraising concert for animal protection the sparks fly and the attraction is instant Khan senses the wolf shifter in Sarange but she has no idea that she is a wolf.

Khan is a member of the rock band Beast, all members are shape shifters and he has no memory of his past before the bands manager Ged had rescued him from a cage, he has a reputation for being arrogant and different but when he meets Sarange this spark between them opens up feelings and emotions in him from his past and the feeling that she is in danger draws him closer he is not walking away from her he needs to get to know her much better.

Sarange has been bought up for the most part in America by close family, her heritage is Mongolian and she has always felt that there is more from her past that she does not know about, Sarange is passionate about animals and does all she can to save endangered animals and for some reason she is being drawn towards the blue wolves of Mongolia. She has heard all about Khan and never imagines the heat that hits her when they first meet, she is pulled towards him in such a sensual way, and there is such a link she also needs to get to know him.

They are pulled together when danger lurks and Khan’s protective instincts kick in, the journey for Sarange to finding her footing as a wolf and learning about her past and the link that draws them further together is just amazingly beautiful, this is a beautiful emotional story so moving. Khan wow what a hero, learning about his past finally and together slaying the bad guys, there is action aplenty and a gorgeous sensual romance this one left me smiling and I do hope we get some more stories from the band members, thank you MS Godman I loved it and highly recommend this one.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Published March 1st 2018 by Harlequin Nocturne
Reviewed by Nas Dean

AWAKENING THE SHIFTER by author Jane Godman is a March 2018 release by Harlequin Nocturne series.

When Rock Star Khan meets singer Sarange Tsedev for the first time, he straight away that she is his mate. And they were fated to be mates for life.

Yet, they were of different species. Khan was a shifter tiger and Sarange was a shifter werewolf. How could they be mates? But as they were destined to be mates, they also had enemies were after them to keep them apart since centuries.

AWAKENING THE SHIFTER is an engrossing story of two shifters. Author Jane Godman interwove the romance in this tale and brought shimmering emotions and sensuality to the pages.

Highly recommended for all readers.