Immortal Champion by Lisa Hendrix

Review by Nas

Immortal Champion (Immortal Brotherhood)

IMMORTAL CHAMPION by author Lisa Hendrix is about a man who lives under a wicked witch's curse.

Sir Gunnar lives life as a man during night time only to turn into a bull as soon as the sun rises.

Gunner is haunted by his solitary existence. He is an honorable, kind and brave man. He saves Lady Eleanor de Neville from a certain death when he goes to the aid of some people trapped in a burning building. At the time she was just a teenaged girl.

Lady Eleanor is unable to forget the incredible Knight who saved her.

Years later the two meet again and this time Eleanor is determined to win Gunner. She is betrothed to a young man but she does not want the marriage. She hopes that Gunner can save her from this fate. Lady Eleanor is bold, she knows she wants the mysterious knight and she sets out ways to snag his attention. She is aware that he has feelings for her. Will she succeed in her quest?

Gunner is enchanted with fair Eleanor and he believes she could be the one to break the spell but it requires a lot of trust on his part. Will Gunnar let himself trust Eleanor?

IMMORTAL CHAMPION is a touching story that will have the reader tearing up at the heartfelt emotion from each of the characters. It is a poignant tale of grief and self-discovery as much as recovery from emotional betrayal

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