Realm of Flame and Shadow #1

Christina Phillips

Redemption by Christina Phillips

Reviewed by Helen

I really enjoyed this story, but let me say I am not a big reader of paranormal, but this one hit the spot with a beautiful romance, a fallen archangel who had no time for humans, but found himself saving a beautiful, strong and inquisitive human, Aurora, and did they have a very sensual and dangerous journey to a HEA for eternity.

Aurora has always known that her mother was from a different dimension and that they could communicate with telepathy, her mother is not well and Aurora is doing her best to get back to her mother’s world and try and find some answers but what she does is open up a world of demons and archangels and the very dangerous guardians who are determined to get to Aurora. When she is saved by Gabe an archangel the spark between them is so strong, it is not something she can ignore.

Archangel Gabe has been travelling the universe for many, many years now since he lost his beloved a lot has happened and he becomes a mercenary, has an island that is protected and really does not like humans but when he is suddenly thrown on top of Aurora his need to protect her from the guardians is a must but the need to have her in bed is huge, he has never felt this way since he lost his beloved, she will work her way under his skin there is such a connection.

This story is fast paced, with a lot going on, a search for the truth, such a hot steamy sensual romance and the fight Gabe has to keep Aurora safe as he is drawn closer to her, I loved Aurora what a strong feisty heroine she never gives up and Gabe alpha hero who does a lot to keep his caring and merciful side closed to everyone. There are a lot of revelations that help to bring Gabe and Aurora together in a way that will keep you turning the pages. There is a fabulous cast of characters that add so much to the story and I look forward to reading their stories, thank you MS Phillips.

5 stars

Expected publication: November 28th 2019 by Phoenix 18 Publishing