Devil in the Details

 Devil in the Details

#2 Heart of The Devils Series

Savannah Blaize

Reviewed by Helen

I have really been looking forward to this book since I finished the first one and was not disappointed at all, it is a page turner as we get to see Domenic Erikson find the love of his life nurse Sophie O’Connor, his life is not the normal life one would expect of a gifted cardiac surgeon but one that you might expect as he has the DNA of The Devil in his blood, I loved being back together with this family.

Domenic is tall dark and handsome and still single he is doing well as a cardiac surgeon with his gift that he has had since childhood touching people does help with patients but makes it hard to be around too many people so it is not always easy for him, but with his twenty fifth birthday his godfather Luc Nightingale, The Devil gives Domenic another gift to be used to help him. When he meets the beautiful red headed nurse and they touch he knows that he wants to get to know her.

Sophie loves her job as a nurse in a busy hospital, although born in Ireland she has lived in California for many years and she has dreams of a knight in shining armour being there to save the day, Sophie also has a really good feeling when she literally bumps into the handsome new doctor, never realising how this meeting will change her life forever.

This is a fabulously written story that digs deep into the emotions of this family lead by The Devil himself Luc Nightingale, getting to know Domenic and see him find his true love, one who will understand the family he comes from was fabulous and Sophie she is beautiful inside and out and has a connection to magic through her ancestors so they connect beautifully in a sensual romance that is sure to leave you sighing. It was so good meeting up with Harper, Luc and Lucia as well and I do very much hope that we are going to get Lucia’s story, that ending is awesome. I do highly recommend this book and the first in the series Deal with the Devil.

My thanks to the author for my copy to read and review

5 stars
Published July 27th 2021 by Amazon Digital Services