Cloaked in Fur by T.F. Walsh

Cloaked in Fur

Reviewed by Desere

When you are part of a pack you know the number one rule is to never turn your back on them. Fight at all times for what is right for the "family". So when you lose your heart to a human and you end up having to chose between saving the man you love or the family you need to stand by what would you do?

Personally I would run for the hills as fast as my feet can carry me, but when it involves a love for both parties at hand so strong running is no where near a option and you are left with making up new rules as you go along and hoping that you are making the right decisions.

In this read from author T.F. Walsh I was given the story of Daciana she is not only a moonwulf (or werewolf for those of you unfamiliar with the term) but also a animal expert, and thus when people start getting killed off she immediately knows that the killer is so much more than just a very large animal.

Because she met and and fell in love with the hu-man of her dreams, Connel she left the pack and lives in the city amongst the humans but there is still a sense of responsibility towards her pack, and when Connel's life is in danger she has to bring out more than just the claws to save both family and lover.

The characters of Daciana and Connel were both written so exceptionally well and with such vivid detail it left me absolutely speechless and in complete awe! It is not all that often I find a paranormal read with characters so perfectly described and so life like that I feel as if I can touch their every move and emotion so I was very pleasantly surprised and more than happy with this read!

The idea of Connel not knowing that Daciana is a moonwulf was intriguing and made for some truly terrific entertainment. I loved the suspense and action building up to scenes of fantastic explosive "Oh wow here it comes!!" moments! The author had me entranced and on the edge of my seat !

I am taking away a message of there is a thin line between love of family and love of the romantically linked kind, holding back the truth in order to save one or the other will possibly leave you with more problems than you ever thought, be open about your life, yes the truth may not set you free but in the end your life will be on the path fate has determined for you.

I captivating, kick ass thrilling read! I recommend this read for anyone and everyone who loves a paranormal read that will leave you seeking to know and learn more about the world not found in everyday other romance related reads.

5/5 star review
" Cloaked in darkness and only his love can set her free"