One Bite Leads to Another by Kelly Steel

Reviewed by Desere 

Most of us have heard the saying, " You can never chose who you fall in love with, when it happens
it happens and you need to go with the flow, bad or good just go with it".

That of course does not apply when the person you fall for is married, nope that is the moment when you simply back away and find a way to get over it and move on. But when the person is unattached and so are you , there is nothing to stop you from jumping into the flames of desire and losing yourself to passion.

Except if the objection of your affection is not who you think they are, and when the the truth is revealed it is already too late, for the test of love conquers all takes on a whole new meaning when set in a world so deep, so dark that you will find your soul lost and your heart simply never to be found again .

The read tells the story of Eve and Leo and comes in at ten chapters, short but powerful and well written. Leo is a Vampire but the kind with a heart, yes ladies if the man wants you he will not necessary go and bite your head off! Eve is a witch and a very powerful one at that. But falling for each other are the least of Leo and Eve's problems.

Their enemies are of the very worst kind and not backing down, Eve is taken captive and it is up to Leo to save her,  and will no matter the cost. But staying with her is a whole other situation for she would not be in danger if he was not around.

Will he let his love for Eve guide him to peace or will he run from the only love he is ever truly known?

I liked the manner in which the author let the read come together not dragging it out with over long sentences. She got to the heart of the story quickly and let it all come into perspective. A very dark and sensual read yes but at the same time the perfect quick afternoon read for any paranormal fan.

The characters were not boring or too over written, as in some paranormal reads I find the author digs into their minds and their POV's but does so with too much emotion and it leaves me feeling a little too overwhelmed. Seldom I find an author able to give just the right amount of digging. This author gave me just enough to keep the read balanced.

I recommend this read for fans of short stories with a dark twist of the paranormal kind. I look forward to more easy reads from this author.

5/5 star review
" Just one bite will set alight the path of passion" 
Review by TashNz

Fantastically fun, action-packed "hot" Paranormal short-story/novella by a debut author.

Eve and Leo are the main characters, Leo is a vampire who's first love was Eve's grandmother. I really liked the flashback scenes. I'm not a huge paranormal reader and it really caught my attention with these little bits to detail. Eve is a witch. She has the ability to read minds and block so others cant read her thoughts. Leo has come to Eve's island on a rescue mission and during the book comes up against some nasty characters. Eve has a twin who also features in the story.

An extremely fast paced, adventurous read full of action, lust, adventure, colourful characters. It's action packed in both words, descriptions and Eve and Leo's interactions are intensely hot! Get your fans out girls!!!

My 2013 personal challenge was to read books outside of my usual genre; this action packed vampire tale certainly qualifies and I couldn't put it down.

Highly recommended for lovers of novellas/short stories, quick raunchy reads, those who need a quick fix of their vampire reads and anyone who genuinely likes to support new authors.


Reviewed by Nancy Crocker

This is a wonderful debut novella by Kelly Steel. I found it entertaining, sexy, scary and fulfilling.

I could not help but compare parts of the first chapter to the HBO series True Blood, and how the main characters in this book reminded me of Sookie Stackhouse and Bill Compton from that series. But I am happy to say that the comparison ended there.

Leonardo D’Silva has returned to Lenuka Island to investigate some violence that is taken place. He soon finds Evelyn “Eve” Hathaway, who is strikingly similar in looks to her grandmother Evelyn, whom Leonardo loved. Eve is in danger from another Vampire. And Leonardo will bring order to his Island. But will these two find a way to be together or will the past repeat itself for Leonardo?

The author also touched on a few other characters and I wonder if she will be writing her next book based on them. They were Eve’s twin sister Eva and another Vampire Zachary.

I recommend this novella to all romance paranormal lovers out there. It was a nice read, fast read, and touched on a lot of points without wasting words. The passion was just right for this reader. My one complaint would be I wished this was a full novel. I think this author is ready to take her writing to the next step.

4.5/5 stars

I received a copy from the Author in exchange for an honest review.


Reviewed by Shirley
 One Bite Leads To Another by Kelly Steel
 A delightful short story filled with mystery, magic, and intrigue. Characters and plot developed enough for an entertaining read. Could not put it down. Real page turner. I would recommend this story to anyone. 

Received a copy from author for an honest review.

4/5 stars   Does one bite lead to another?