Captivating the Bear by Jane Godman

Captivating the Bear
Captivating The Bear by Jane Godman
Beast #3

Jane Godman

Reviewed by Helen

WOW what a story this one is, action packed, fast paced and just a beautiful sensual story of finding your mate and your true love but there are a lot of hurdles to cross for an exiled bear shifter King and a bear shifter who is looking for help from the true King to free her father, hang onto your hat when reading this one, I loved it.

Lidiya Rihanoff needs to leave the secret realm of Callistoya to find the exiled king Ged Taverner to get him back to where he belongs and help free her father who is being held captive until Lidi agrees to marry the usurper King. What she doesn’t expect to find his her mate the one that she should spend the rest of her immortal days with, with so much going on she agrees to a short fling, but the need to be with Ged does not go away.

Ged has been managing the rock band Beast for thirteen years and helping shape shifters who are in danger since he was ejected from his homeland, the search for his missing brother keeps him going as well but when he meets a shifter in Cannes he knows that she is his mate, but can they ever be together and will he get back to Callistoya and re-claim the throne?

This is the third instalment in this series and it packs a punch, I loved it from start to finish MS Godman has penned a fabulous story that brings this world to life, truly don’t miss this one it has everything a reader of paranormal romance could want a sigh worthy hero and a heroine to match him beautifully. I loved Ged and Lidi, it is a moving and amazing story one that I highly recommend, thank you MS Godman.

5 stars for a fabulous  story

Published July 12th 2018 by Mills & Boon Supernatural


Reviewed by Nas Dean

CAPTIVATING THE BEAR by author Jane Godman is August 2018 release by Harlequin Nocturne series.

Ged Tavisha is the band manager for ‘Beasts’ the famous rock band in which all the members are shifters. Ged was responsible for bringing them together. But we didn’t know anything about Ged himself other than that he’s a bear shifter.

In this story we find out that Ged was an overthrown king and now he needed to go to his kingdom to help his people and overthrow the usurper. His mate, Lidi came looking for him.

CAPTIVATING THE BEAR is a thrilling story as we travel with Ged and Lidi through all the hurdles for them to reach their land. I liked reading about the other band members getting together to help Ged fight the bad guys. Author Jane Godman weaves magic in her stories.

Highly recommended for all readers of paranormal romance.