The Light Mage Wars #5

Nancy Northcott

Nemesis by Nancy Northcott

Reviewed by Helen

This is another great installment in this series , well written, fabulous characters and great world building, this time we get to see Tasha and Carter work through some very dangerous situations to get to their HEA, not only to they have to fight of some Ghouls they also have to overcome Tasha’s insecurities, along the way.

Tasha, grew up in a trailer park and was pretty wild growing up, this meant that she joined the navy and continued to work in construction, until another mistake made her leave, but not before she had felt a pull towards her commanding officer Carter another Mage. Tasha has gotten on with life and is now running her own construction company, when Carter arrives back in her life.

Carter is back at the collegium as a deputy reeve and when Tasha is in danger he is assigned to protect her, this brings them closer together and the feelings that he has had for her since their navy days grows stronger by the day and even though they form a relationship, he feels that Tasha is still holding something back, will he be able to get her to understand his feelings and be able to move into the future together.

This is a fast paced story, sensual and exciting as Mages fight Ghouls and a traitor is still being elusive and it was fabulous being back in this world and catching up with friends from previous books. Tasha and Carter are meant to be together their love is so strong, but Tasha is rather stubborn and it takes Carter and some friends to finally convince Tasha that love will conquer all and that the past should be left in the past and that now is for the future. Thanks you MS Northcott for another great story one that I highly recommend.

4 stars

Published November 14th 2018 by Rickety Bookshelf Press