In High Spirits

 In High Spirits

A Dandelion Ponds Mystery #1

Beth Prentice

Reviewed by Helen

Oh my goodness this is a great story, witty, fun and a one sitting read truly it was so hard to put down. This is a mystery with a paranormal twist and it totally engaged me from page one, I do hope that you pick this one up and get to know Daisy and the characters that live in Dandelion Ponds.

It is nearly Christmas time and Daisy who really is such a lovely person, she is engaged to the love of her life Logan and she loves her little dog Alfie, but her life changes abruptly when she a wakes in a stranger’s bedroom and it appears that the only one who can see her or hear her is Alfie, what is going on and then the guy in the bed also appears to be able to see and hear her his name is Charlie and he is quite used to spirits his mother is a physic, Daisy has no idea what has happened to her, how did she die, is she dead?

Charlie reluctantly agrees to help her and it is not long before they discover that Daisy is somehow stuck been life and death and it appears that someone was out to murder her and Daisy must find out who that is, there seems to be lots of suspects, are they after her money or is there some other reason. With Daisy getting to know a few spirits who are also trying to help they are telling her that there is a dark force following her around what can that mean?

You need to read this story honestly the characters are totally fantastic and Charlie and Daisy are a good sleuth team finding out what is happening and uncovering secrets that Daisy is stunned to know and although Daisy is a spirit her feelings for Charlie are growing by the hour, she is not sure how this is going to work. There are lots of twists and turns and the story is fast paced. I loved it from start to finish and highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys a great story. The ending sets up the next book and left me wanting the next book in the series now, how long to I have to await MS Prentice? 

5 stars

Published August 31st 2020 by Beth Prentice