The Keepers: Archer by Rae Rivers

Reviewed by Desere

From my experience I have always thought witches to not run at the first sign of danger, they rather fight back right? Wrong, in this read we meet Sienna, she is yes a very strong and powerful witch but she is running, trying to find some form of a normal life , she wants nothing to do with her powers and she will do anything to keep it that way.

But the evil out to get her is not all she is running from, there are her three keepers, bound to protect her against anything and everything even if it costs them their lives. One such keeper is Archer and what a delicious keeper this man is!

He is one of those "Hold me close and never will I feel more protected simply because you are near me, and no it has nothing to do with being in your arms" kind of protectors.

He has been looking for her for two years and now that he has found her he will not let her out of his sight ever again, but getting Archer to let her be is a whole new set of spells this witch has no manual for. She is about to have the good old fashioned love potion number nine place her under a spell there is no getting out of!

Ultimately having to defend her home-town only adds to Sienna's rapid rise and fall of emotions, Archer being part of the mix only makes it so much harder for her to see the line between love and hate, between keeper and witch.

The character of Sienna was a real go getter, "Get out of my way or I will walk all over you, do not challenge me as in ever", kind of heroine, the kind that as reader always has me jumping out of my seat shouting "You go girl!" I could understand why she wants her independence away from her powers so much, as we all know being different whilst having feelings of knowing there has to be something else or somewhere else you are meant to be does make life a situation of go after it or sit still and shut up! But she also has a very hidden side to her, one that she does not let the world truly see and this made her more realistic, well done Rae!

The character of Archer was as I said before the perfect protect me hero, but what I simply adored about this man was that he is so headstrong and such a force of a character that it was as if he would jump out of the pages at any minute and sweep me off into the wild wonder that is his world, he is one of those hero's that simply brands you with is unique kind of passion and you are overwhelmed and breathless.

The dialogue and backdrop settings were exciting and entertaining, and the story moved with a very nice fast page, never boring in any manner. The characters were described by the author with absolute passion and emotion that if truly was as if they were real.

The one thing that made the book even more exciting was the love between Sienna and Archer which is so strong and so very obvious, however forbidden, it added a new level of mystery and suspense to a already great read.

I am taking away a message of trying to outrun your destiny never ever works , sooner or later you will need to face it and take it all in stride for others lives might depend on it.

I recommend this read for fans of paranormal reads that have loads or action and secrets to keep you glued to your seat, and a very strong, powerful emotional love between the two main characters, and an ending that will leave you jumping up and down for the next part of the series.

However if you find yourself not a fan of spells, witch crafts and all that it entails this read is not for you.

4 star review
" He will keep her safe at all costs, she will fight him every step of the way" 

Copy provided via Netgalley in exchange for a honest review