Charon's Crossing by Sandra Marton

Reviewed by Nas


CHARON'S CROSSING by USA Bestselling author Sandra Marton is February 2012 release.

After Kathryn discovers that the mansion she inherited is rundown she is disappointed but she decides to work on it then sell it off. But there is a gorgeous man and he wants to killl her!

CHARON'S CROSSING is a paranormal romance with an edge of danger and thrill. It had me tearing up at the heartfelt emotion from each of the characters. It is a poignant tale of grief and self-discovery as much as recovery from emotional betrayal. Love and revenge does go hand in hand but what would triumph?

Readers would be kept on the edge of their seats and keep turning pages late into the night. It has witty dialogue, humor, danger, thrill and steamy sensuality.

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Reviewed by Maria

I was just reading Nas' review above prior to adding my own and I find myself nodding in agreement here.  That's exactly what happened to me.  I was up turning the pages (on my Kindle touch) late into the night.  

This is a fascinating story.  It's part historical and part paranormal.  A young Manhattan businesswoman, Kathryn Russell, inherits the family mansion from her father in a hidden corner of  a lesser known  Caribbean island.  She visits to get it renovated with a view to selling, and while doing so, discovers that it is the centre of local rumours with regards to being haunted.  She acquaints herself with the history of the house and comes to know about her ancestress, Catherine Russell,  the daughter of a British diplomat who lived there.   Chilling circumstances lead to Kathryn's discovery that the two men who the late Catherine had deceived are still haunting the house.  They had killed each other in a fight.  One presence, Waring,  is malevolently evil and the other, Matthew,  is rather angry, but a good man basically.  These spirits are tied to the house and locked into an eternal struggle.  Both initially  think that Kathryn is the old Catherine and  seek  to settle scores.

The love story of Kathryn and Matthew is the main focus of the novel, how they break through from their different worlds to reach a place of understanding.  Once I could get past the idea that a ghost and a human being could make love, that is ( I have severe difficulty suspending my disbelief on this matter, but the fact that I could enjoy this story means that the author did a good job).  The lovers face problems of course as the outside world seeks to encroach on them, not to mention the malevolent 'other' in the love triangle.

It was very touching to see Kathryn guide a fascinated Matthew, born in the eighteenth century,  to understand life in the 20th century (1996), not only with regard to new inventions, but also to the position of woman.  The old Catherine had been a coquette and a temptress.  The new Kathryn is a responsible, professional woman who has faith in herself and doesn't have to resort to manipulative wiles in order to achieve some sort of power and personal importance.  I also enjoyed the history, the amazing idea that an island which is now a hidden corner of the world was a buzzing commercial banking and finance centre in the past, a British colonial outpost.  The atmosphere of life in a sleepy Caribbean backwater was beautifully evoked.

A thoroughly enjoyable and well written story which would please lovers of historical romance as well as paranormals.


Reviewed by Desere

I completely fell in love with this fascinating read by the brilliant Sandra Marton. I have for a long time been a fan her modern day romances and I was very eager to  see what a already brilliant romance author could turn up with a historical paranormal.

And I was beyond impressed with the absolutely remarkable story that followed. One island once rich with history,one very tempting and dangerous woman and two men that fight till death for her love. 

And one new generation woman stepping from the shadows and straight into a ghostly romance filled with emotion, passion,love,secrets, revenge and self discovery.

I love history and ghost stories have long fascinated me and I have often wondered what would it be like it a human were to fall for a ghost that once lived many years ago? Sandra Marton has taken me into that world with a bang. 

I was amazed at the attraction between Kathryn and Mattheuw and torn for his lost soul and wandering spirit. I was stunned into disbelieve at just how thrilling a historical paranormal could be.

The author used descriptive scenes,stunning backdrop information, exhilarating characters and "ghosted" my world.

Brilliant,brilliant and again brilliant ! Well done Sandra I want more so please do get to writing 

5/5 star review